How does one make a choice between amazing and fantastic? That is the challenge with which my family and I have been faced in recent days, as we considered where God would have us serve in higher-education ministry.

Nearly two years ago my family and I had the privilege of relocating from Texas and the awesome folks at Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute, to the San Diego area, where I was granted the opportunity to serve at Southern California Seminary. When SCS was first brought to my attention, I was struck by the excellent doctrinal statement and the commitment to pursuing truth and academic excellence. As I got to know SCS better, I began to realize how truly incredible the team really is, and how adept the people are at every level. God has been working powerfully at SCS, using magnificent people to do magnificent things. SCS has achieved some remarkable milestones in interdisciplinarity, diversity, institutional effectiveness, bilingual programs, blended campus and online instruction, but most of all SCS has executed well the straightforward preparation of people for life and ministry “based on the inerrant word of God.”

SCS is a high-quality college and seminary, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I want to express my thanks to everyone there for their hospitality, their diligence, and their faithfulness. It is very hard to leave, not only because of the rewarding labor, but also because of the great relationships that have been forged.


151208 Conepic Madison HallI also would like to express my deep gratitude to Calvary Bible College and Seminary for inviting us to be part of their future as Calvary’s next president. Calvary has a remarkably rich heritage and has done so much in His service. Countless people all over the world have been impacted by Calvary’s unwavering commitment to God’s word, and by the faithful preparation and discipleship that has taken place there for so many years. Calvary has long been committed to excellence, and as I have gotten to know the leadership, faculty, staff, and students, I believe that God will use this group powerfully as Calvary advances into its next generation of excellence.

It is a joyous privilege to serve with brothers and sisters who are committed wholeheartedly to Him, and over the years at Tyndale, SCS, and now at Calvary, God has been so gracious to my family and me, giving us far more opportunity than could ever be deserved to labor alongside excellent men and women. We pray that God uses us to be a blessing to all of them.

“So teach us to number our days, that we might present to You a heart of wisdom…Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; and confirm for us the work of our hands. Yes, confirm the work of our hands” (Psalm 90:12,17).