“The most effective leadership, management, and efficiency models share traits common with each other, and traits that are ultimately traceable to the pages of the Bible. While these models are often not intentionally rooted in Biblical concepts by those that promote the models, the models illustrate how applying Biblical principles can set a trajectory of success in enterprise and in life. Led By a Lion is designed to introduce some of these leadership, management, and efficiency models, but goes a step further in identifying the Biblical genesis of many of the core traits that fuel the success of these models.”

Paperback/ 182 Pages / $14

by Dr. Christopher Cone, Published by Exegetica Publishing

“This approach has the advantage of seeking to view all knowledge through the lens of Scripture, and to subject all knowledge to the authority of Scripture. It encourages science and research within the field of psychology. It offers a Biblical balance of description and prescription. Of course, if the Bible is unreliable, then the refractive power of Scripture is distortive rather than corrective, but the epistemological premise of this approach is that God’s word is authoritative and sufficient for our understanding, for our equipping, and for our practice. There are many extra-biblical resources that we can employ, but in seeking out how and when to do that, we mustn’t lose sight of the one reliable constant that God has provided for us – the Bible.” –Chapter 9

Paperback/ 204 Pages / $19

Edited by Dr. Christopher Cone and Dr. Luther Smith, with contributions by Dr. Josiah Boyd, Dr. Jeff Christianson, Dr. Jeff Cox, and Dr. Allan Henderson, / Exegetica Publishing

“The Green Tree is an exceptional work…provides a vital tool for every Bible interpreter…Just as the root system is the foundation of a tree and directly impacts the health of a tree, hermeneutic method is at the root of one’s worldview. This illustration demonstrates that the hermeneutic method that an interpreter of the Bible employs will significantly affect the outcome. The tree will either be healthy, or it will not be healthy…The authors provide a unique examination of Revelation, Genesis, and Job that demonstrates that the LGH hermeneutic is derived from within Scripture, something that other hermeneutical methods fail to demonstrate. This is perhaps the most crucial principle demonstrated in The Green Tree, and it effectively demonstrates that the LGH hermeneutic is also the Biblical hermeneutic.” – Andrew Friend (Amazon Review)

Hardback/ 238 Pages / $29

Edited by Dr. Christopher Cone and John Oglesby, with contributions by Dr. Steve Spurlin, Dr. Daniel Goepfrich, Christopher Johnson, and Eduardo Perez., / Exegetica Publishing

Decision Making and Open Doors?

Decision Making and Open Doors?

God is sovereign and He gives us freedom. So rather than having one direction that we must follow or else we are “out of His will” (a concept never found in Scripture, outside of specific sin related issues), He entrusts us with “talents” and stewards us with their...

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