From A Burdened Pastor in the Middle East.

Greetings in Christ,

We are in a very critical period of time concerning the refugees flooding into your countries. You have a golden opportunity. You either choose it or lose it and lose Europe and America forever.

Families arriving to your seashores are broken, wounded and needy. A warm welcome may change their perspectives and beliefs in no time. They are fleeing from the tyranny of Islam and are in real struggle about their convictions. They grew up with the mentality of being the best nation and religion ever created upon the earth and are brainwashed that all others are lost. They were never allowed to think or doubt. It all came down from God.

Now is the time to act. Now is the time to wake up with a new crusade carrying the real weapons this time. Use prayer, faith, evangelism, social aid and much love. Moslems are the victims of Islam, they need someone to open their eyes and liberate them. You don’t need to send missionaries anymore. They are at your doorsteps. Build relationships with them, one family at a time not in big groups.

Let them see the real face of Christianity. The Christianity of worshiping God in spirit, not the Christianity of idols. The Christianity of families dedicated to God, not the Christianity of immoral values. The Christianity of the demonstrated power of the Holy Spirit not the Christianity of lukewarm churches. The Christianity of the old revived Europe not the Europe of atheism. Our Lord is still on the throne.

Do not ever underestimate the small percentages coming now to your countries. They will become the majority very soon. They don’t have to preach Islam. They don’t have to fight. Most of your families have one child and a dog. Their families have six or seven children. It is a strategy. Be cautious, the enemy is so devious. One of our old famous Arabic poets once wrote, “if you see the teeth of the lion, do not ever think that the lion is smiling”.

Moslems are not our enemies. They are our beloved brothers in humanity with many wonderful Middle eastern habits. They are generous in hospitality, merciful to the poor, and emotionally tied to their families and communities. Hurry up and take care of them before they embrace Islam.

The history will witness one day that God in His wisdom have sent to you the hungry to give him meat, the thirsty to give him a drink, the stranger to take him in and the naked to clothe him. How will you respond? Some will take advantage of you for sure, but others will fall in love with your God.

Break the language barriers and use dedicated Arabic speaking Christians in your countries. Break the cultural barriers and try to understand a Moslem’s mind. Break the long distance barriers and ask the help of some outreach teams from the Arab world for short terms. You have a wonderful opportunity, I beg you to open your eyes before it becomes too late.

December 16, 2015.