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Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland was initially panned as “George Clooney’s global warming shaming,” but it has much greater aspirations than simply an environmental agenda piece. Roger Ebert recognized a broader ambition when he termed the movie “overreaching, basically Marxism Lite.” Oliver Gettell of the L.A. Times gets a bit closer, I think, when he observes that Tomorrowland is “a deliberate phooey to the kiddie carnage of movies such as ‘Transformers’ and ‘The Avengers,’ which frighten children about the apocalypse before they can even spell the word.”

tomorrowland-movieBut the villain of this story is neither environmental irresponsibility nor the barrage of “plague–flood–road warrior–kids-killing-kids movies,” as evidenced by a few well-placed lines [spoiler alert] of David Nix’s evil villain monologue, brilliantly delivered by Hugh Laurie…

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