Editor’s Note: September is back-to-school month, so I thought it would be a great time to interview someone who could offer a unique perspective on the future of higher theological education. And I certainly found the right person to talk about it! I have watched the ministry of Dr. Christopher Cone from afar for quite a while. He has achieved an incredible amount in terms of both education and ministry—yet he has earned some of his impressive credentials in non-traditional fashion. Dispensational DiscourseCone is also beginning his first semester as president of the newly renamed Calvary University in Kansas City. He provided some fascinating insights into what could very well be turbulent times ahead for Christian colleges, universities and seminaries.

“I am very grateful—always learning, always growing.”

That summation gives us a keen perception into the life of Dr. Christopher Cone.

DispensationalPublishingLogoCone has prepared himself to have tremendous credibility in speaking about the Bible, theology, philosophy, education and, in particular, dispensationalism—and he has a whole lot to say about all of it that is worth hearing…

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