Available now from Exegetica Publishing is a new book by Dr. Christopher Cone – Gifted: Understanding the Holy Spirit and Unwrapping Spiritual Gifts.

ISBN#: 978-0976593089

Pages: 201

Price: $13 (available at Amazon, and other booksellers)



The Christian life is intended to be a relationship with God. Too often we emphasize what He has done for us, but fail to appreciate who He actually is. Gifted focuses the readers’ attention not just on the gifts God provides, but on who He is and why He has provided the gifts in the first place. To unwrap spiritual gifts we need to understand who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives. Gifted helps readers to take a look at God’s gifts and how we should use them, from the perspective of the Giver.





  1. Gifted by God, Gifted with God
  2. The Holy Spirit is a Person
  3. The Holy Spirit Works
  4. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Christ
  5. Some Historical Perspectives
  6. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  7. The Role of the Holy Spirit in Our Understanding
  8. Do We Value God’s Communication?
  9. Five Introductory Concepts
  10. Does Every Believer Have a Spiritual Gift?
  11. Identifying Spiritual Gifts
  12. I Can’t Help…I Don’t Have That Gift
  13. Gifts of Pastoring, Apostleship, and Evangelism?
  14. The Peter Principles
  15. What is Speaking in Tongues? Part 1
  16. What is Speaking in Tongues? Part 2
  17. Does Tongues Prove We Have the Holy Spirit?
  18. On Possibility and Certainty
  19. Purpose, and the Corinthians’ Use of Tongues
  20. Does God Speak to Us Today?
  21. Does God Still Heal?
  22. The Modern Dream Phenomena
  23. The Nature of Prophecy
  24. Are Revelatory Gifts for Today?
  25. Eternal Security, the Holy Spirit, and Ethics
  26. How Shall We Then Live?

Epilogue. The Importance of How We Interpret