Available now, from Exegetica Publishing, is a new book by Dr. Christopher Cone – Integrating Exegesis and Exposition: Biblical Communication for Transformative Learning. ISBN# 978-0-9765930-5-8 / 302 pages / Retail:$23 / Available at Amazon and Other Fine Retailers.

Integrating Exegesis and Exposition CoverIntegrating Exegesis and Exposition is a handbook introducing Biblical study (exegesis) and the communication of the Bible in preaching and teaching (exposition). This method encourages communicators to incorporate the process of Bible study into the presentation of the message, so that listeners discover not only how to understand the portion of Scripture being communicated at that moment, but also so that they can develop their own skills in Bible study.

The premise of Integrating Exegesis and Exposition is that the processes of study, practice, and communication of the Bible are interconnected. The relationship between these suggests that to encourage transformation by the renewing of the mind, communicators of the Bible ought to take a more holistic and integrated approach to handling the Bible – an approach that is modeled in the Bible itself.

What People Are Saying About Integrating Exegesis and Exposition:

“This fine book will be of interest and help to all who want to facilitate the growth of Christians — not just intellectual growth, but true growth in godliness.  Christopher Cone’s biblical, original, practical, and well illustrated approach to transformative learning provides step by step instructions in studying and communicating the Scriptures.” –Thomas L. Constable, Th.D, Senior Professor Emeritus in Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

“From the example of Jesus Himself as well as the writers of the Scriptures, authentic teaching of God’s Word simultaneously targets the heart and the mind of the hearer.  Dr. Cone’s book is a needed reminder to those who stand behind the pulpit or lectern, and an encouragement to the ones sitting in the pew that the teaching of the Word is the great privilege and command to all believers. For the believer, this book can be of great value in developing skills to be an able communicator of God’s Word.” –Paul Benware, Th.D,  Bible Professor, Theologian, Author

“In this book Cone provides a well conceived, highly organized path by which Bible students, Bible teachers and pastors may improve their ability to effectively communicate God’s word, no matter their level of experience or understanding.  There is something here for everyone.” –Patrick Belvill, Th.D, President, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Pastor, Tyndale Bible Church

“There are books on exegesis. And there are books on exposition. But rarely do you see a book that puts the two together. Dr. Cone has done just that with both insight and comprehensiveness. Best of all, he illustrates each principle with case studies to show the learner exactly how to practice his principles. His work is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to bring the timeless truths out of God’s Word to a generation crying out for some meaning and direction in a world that seems to be spinning out of control.” –Dave Anderson, Ph.D, President, Grace School of Theology

“Dr. Cone, throughout his ministry, has championed the vital necessity of rightly dividing and rightly delivering the Scriptures. He challenges all believers as voices of truth to uphold the processes of transmission that begin with careful preparation in life and study, and that close with accurate delivery to the audience of God’s choosing – be it a congregation, a classroom, or in an individual encounter.” –Henry A. Vosburgh, Pastor, Heritage Bible Church, Executive Director, Midwest Church Extension

“Dr. Cone addresses one of the most crucial issues facing the church today: the need for expository preaching and teaching. Integrating Exegesis and Exposition lays out clear steps for arriving at sound exegetical conclusions and then follows up with how these conclusions can be effectively communicated to today’s audiences. This book is a must read for all pastors and other Bible communicators.” –George Gunn, M.Div, D.D, Shasta Bible College and Graduate School

“Integrating Exegesis and Exposition reflects the heart of a pastor who deeply cares for the growth of God’s sheep, and the mind of a first-rate academic exposing the fatal flaws of the prevailing mediocre pattern of modern Bible exposition. However, the value of this work is not simply in pointing out the problem, but in Dr. Cone’s process for correcting our missteps. This work should be required reading for pastoral students and every person in our pews.” –Steve Spurlin, Ph.D, Pastor, Cornerstone Bible Church

“Dr. Cone’s fantastic book is firmly rooted in the truth that the Bible transforms those who are equipped by it. The wisdom outlined here will help the reader become an effective communicator, one who lets God’s word equip the saints, so that they will be able to teach others also. This book will not only bless its readers, but will equally bless those who will be taught by them.” – Grant Hawley, Director, Bold Grace Ministries

“The living Word of God is transformative and life-changing.  Any believer teaching or preaching the Bible needs to realize both the privileges and responsibilities of handling that Word. As Cone writes, “Biblical communication is not to be undertaken lightly or without purpose.” With Integrating Exegesis and Exposition, Cone succeeds in demonstrating how exegesis governed by sound hermeneutics is the true basis of passionate, loving, and efficient biblical exposition.” – Gilles Despins, Th.D, Professor of Bible and Exegesis, École Théologique ProFAC

“When our understanding of the Bible has been spoon-fed to us, laced with presuppositions, and marketed to our faulty preferences, why do we wonder when we possess a lackluster, if not befuddled, view of Scripture? Here, Christopher Cone asserts that we start anew – not with a new and novel method of interpretation, but with a timeless hermeneutic that works according to patterns demonstrated in the Bible itself. The Bible contains its own built-in hermeneutic and governs its own presuppositions and worldview. It is a beacon that stands on its own. Those seeking the truth – no matter how unpalatable or painful – will stand to benefit greatly from the steps outlined. Integrating Exegesis and Exposition is a great tool that will help us accomplish that.” –Arnfield Cudal, MBA, Ph.D, Editor, HARK Publications

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