Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method

Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Christopher Cone, explores four important pillars that support a Biblical theology, examines why hermeneutics is so important, and provides guidance on how we can study and understand the Bible for ourselves, along with background on how others have understood the Bible throughout history.


Inasmuch as Scripture is the product of one Mind, it seems that a proper approach to understanding the message of Scripture will result necessarily in a cohesive and consistent system of theology that represents God accurately insofar as He has chosen to reveal Himself. This work seeks to demonstrate the foundations for such an approach – namely definition, aim, prerequisites (pillars), and method – and to offer an introductory overview of the conclusions of that approach.

As an introduction to theological method this work will be built upon the framework of four pillars, which are (1) the existence of the Biblical God, (2) His authoritative revelation of Scripture, (3) natural man’s incapacity to comprehend (or spiritually appraise) revelation, and (4) the necessity (in approaching that revelation) of a consistent hermeneutical approach which does not violate any of the first three pillars. The literal grammatical-historical method will be argued as the only interpretive method which can function within this framework, and will thus lead naturally to an inductive exegetical process which will inform the synthetic and systematic processes, effectively providing a scaffold for derivation of a Biblical theology.

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