Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

by Dr. Christopher Cone

All human beings share a common origin and lineage, being made in the image of our Creator, and therefore have undeniable value assigned by our Creator.[1] The sacred EQUALITY of all human life is evidenced by the stated value placed on all human life by our Creator.[2] In keeping with that Divine origin and valuation of all human life, the Creator has designed and offered salvation and blessing to all human beings – including to all the families or peoples of the earth,[3] and for every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.[4] The development of those aspects of DIVERSITY was promoted by the Creator’s direction of humanity to populate the earth,[5] and that diversity is designed to be enjoyed in unity and shared blessing.[6]

In light of the equality and diversity of God’s human creation revealed by our Creator, it is evident that we have a responsibility to treat each other as uniquely and equally valued by Him.[7] Thus our doing good to one another is to be INCLUSIVE of all of humanity, and not just for the benefit of those with whom we share common ideals and thought.[8] Because of the design and value assigned to humanity, our posture towards one another is to be one of love and service to all of humanity,[9] motivated by our love for and responsibility to our Creator and to the wondrous creation (each other) with which He has entrusted us. All life matters because of its Source. Thus, our responsibility to each other is rooted in revealed and reliable truth.

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