Opening at #3, and the #1 paperback on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in its category, from Exegetica Publishing is a new book by Dr. Christopher Cone – Life Beyond the Sun: Worldview and Philosophy Through the Lens of Ecclesiastes, 2nd Edition.


ISBN#: 978-0998280509

Pages: 475

Price: $21 (available at Amazon, and other booksellers)


life-beyond-the-sun-2nd-editionIn the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon offers a vibrantly insightful perspective on the world and life in it. He examines succinctly the futility, the emptiness, and the hopelessness of life under the sun – life apart from God. At the same time, he suggests the wonder and value of even the simplest act when performed with God and for His glory. Life Beyond the Sun considers Solomon’s worldview and discusses how Solomon seems to anticipate and respond to philosophies that came after him. Life Beyond the Sun supplies a generous amount of parallels from philosophers through the ages for comparison, and addresses epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, social political philosophies, environmental ethics, the is/ought problem, the existence of God, the problem of evil, definitions of good and foundations of morality, and ultimate meaning in life

Excerpt (from the Preface):

“…if the commentary here stood alone perhaps it could serve as a worthy introduction and overview of the book, like as one might expect from an Old Testament survey or introduction. Likewise, while there is some degree of systematic handling of the philosophical issues, I expect if these writings (the philosophical parts: the introductions, the essays, and the primary source excerpts) stood alone, they might only scratch the surface of what a worthy introduction to philosophy would attempt. But it is my hope that these two elements brought together will provide for the reader the following results:

  • a very clear understanding of the universal vanity of any and all endeavor pursued outside of a right relationship to and perspective of God. The philosophical bits of this present work are intended to illustrate this quite distinctly.
  • A very clear understanding of the tremendous value even in the most ordinary tasks of life (eating, drinking, labor, etc.) when they are pursued within the context of a right relationship to and perspective of God.

In short, I want to demonstrate Solomon’s project by historical, if only very limited, example.  Such a demonstration is intended as an aid for studying Ecclesiastes and as introduction to significant concepts of philosophy and worldview… I pray you enjoy the journey. To God be the glory.”