Is the doctrine of Original Sin correct and scriptural? If so wouldn’t it necessitate Mary being given some form of dispensation or else Jesus would have been born into sin? If the doctrine of Original Sin is not correct, does this mean that God is directly responsible for natural disasters? The conclusion must be that sin is the force that has subjected creation to futility, or God is responsible for natural disasters.

Typhoon PatAnswer:

You would have to be specific about what you mean by “original sin,” as there are various definitions historically. Nonetheless, Romans 5 shows that sin was imputed through Adam, and that by his sin the entire human race was condemned to death (Rom 5:12,15). Eve was certainly guilty, and held accountable for her sin, but her guilt was somewhat different from Adam’s, as she was deceived (1 Tim 2:14). Further, Genesis 3:15 promised that the seed of Eve would crush the head of the serpent. That Jesus was conceived not of an earthly father is significant in that regard (Is 7:14; Lk 1:31-35).

As for God being responsible for natural disasters – they are a part of His subjecting creation to futility as a result of sin (Rom 8:20). In fact, God claims direct causality (Is 45:7), as they are a part of how He has chosen to deal with the sinfulness of humanity (that does not mean that every natural disaster is a direct judgment on some particular sin – any claim to that effect goes far beyond Scripture). He chose to handle fallen creation in that way, and I trust Him to know what He is doing with His own creation, even if in my limited perspective I don’t like it at times.

Natural disasters and tragedies also serve to remind us – as they strike believers and unbelievers alike – that we all suffer from the effects of sin, and all creation groans awaiting its redemption (Rom 8:22-23). There is no room for spiritual pride in any of us. We were all enemies of God (Rom 5:10), in need of mercy. I thank God He provided it.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him” (Rom 5:8-9).