Chafer’s classic and first published book was originally published in 1909 and given the simple title, “Satan.”  This current edition, edited and annotated by Christopher Cone (President, Tyndale Theological Seminary), is as much an in-depth consideration of the Biblical data about Satan, as it is a cautionary tale and an unrelenting exhortation for believers. Chafer minces no words in describing the adversary believers face. Likewise, Chafer recognizes that for believers to avoid defeat at the hands of such a skillful foe, we must understand not only the motives and methods of Satan, but also God’s magnificent provisions for sustaining us through the battle. Herein is the value of Chafer’s book: he is equally attentive both to the problem and the solution. Consequently, the reader will not be disheartened by the threat Satan poses to believers, if the reader will only draw strength and wisdom from God’s provisions – provisions Chafer describes in remarkable detail for so few words.

Publication Information:

Format: ebook (downloadable PDF or .mobi for Kindle)

Numer of Pages: 256 (including front and back cover)

Publisher and Date: Exegetica Publishing, 8/16/2012

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ISBN – 0976593041

ISBN13 – 978-0-9765930-4-1

Written by: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Edited by: Christopher Cone

About the Author:

Lewis Sperry Chafer (February 27, 1871 – August 22, 1952) was an influential American theologian, writer, and educator. He founded and served as the first president of Dallas Theological Seminary, and was a significant voice in the refining of dispensational Christian theology. He authored a number of books, including his landmark and still unequaled Systematic Theology in 8 Volumes, Grace, Salvation, and He That is Spiritual.