This is a test. Had it not been a test, then of course, the title would not say “test.” Quite obviously the title would have said something like “This is Not a Test,” or even “Why Would You Think This is a Test, When it Obviously Isn’t a Test?” But since it is a test, it is appropriately and concisely so titled. I should add that the title is not an imperative. In other words, it is not indicating that the reader should “test” anything. Rather it is a declaration on my part that this is indeed simply a test. So for those who might have stumbled upon this posting in hopes that they should find some action points, I offer my deepest apologies. For in fact, this is simply a test and contains no prescriptions, no witty banter, and definitely no useful mind vitamins which might otherwise edify said readers.

Consequently, this post serves little else than to allow me to see that what has been constructed here is actually visible to those who might (for what reason I cannot imagine) care to read what I might post here. Having thus verified said information – that the deeds recorded hereupon are indeed accessible to any who might so desire to access it, the issue becomes moot. Since, after all, this is only a test, once the test has been fully executed and there remains no further necessity for these words, I must ask with no lack of humility the following question.

Why the crud are you still reading this? It was, as I assured you most directly, simply a test. And having pre-announced my intentions to that end, I stand without blame for the precious moments you have allowed to slip away by reading this far. And once again, not only have I proclaimed the limitations of this communication, but further I questioned your continued reading of it, in hopes that perhaps you might see the error of your ways and actually cease from reading what must surely provide you no worthy data at all. Unless of course, you think kindly toward me and are simply quite glad that my test has been successful, and I am no longer in the unenviable position of not knowing whether or not the test would be successful. Since now I have been quite reassured of the success of the test, I will now leave off of any continued testing, having no remaining need for any such thing.

So, I can now say triumphantly, that this no longer is a test, but rather now it is in the state of having been a test. It once was what it no longer is. Rather now, it is something different entirely. It now is simply the record of a process that was, in fact, a test – as I clearly indicated to you at the very outset. You mustn’t blame me for any misconstruing on your part – I have been nothing but transparent to this point, and I think I couldn’t have been clearer. But at this point, I can no longer claim that this is a test, since it isn’t one any longer. I explained that too. Didn’t you get it? Please, I shall not repeat myself beyond that which I already have spoken, so as not to unnecessarily multiply words – the multiplication of which almost certainly would lead to error. So, in order to avoid any error whatsoever, I simply leave you with the truth of the matter at the present moment. This is not a test. Not at all, and if you are left with the perception to the contrary, please know that your inference is incorrect, and that any implications I offered were not intended to deceive you in any way. If, regrettably, you feel you have been deceived, then I implore you to do a thorough study on the vital distinctions between the present and the past tense.

Whereas, earlier I could have – with accuracy – described this as being a test (in the present tense), once the test was completed, it was no longer to be considered an ongoing and present tense test, but rather a completed test with a resulting action – having been successfully tested. And thus, obviously to those paying attention, this is not a test even though it once was a test, and even now it still was a test. But it isn’t one right now. I hope that clarifies the matter for all who might have had difficulty without such a clarification, and I hope that you will find all subsequent posts to be equally as edifying and helpful as this one might have been if it wasn’t intended to the contrary. May God bless you as you invest your time more wisely in the future.